Types of Radio Earpiece in uk

Types of Radio Earpiece

What is earpiece?

Types of Radio Earpiece .Radio headphones are suitable professional devices for a beer. The wireless headphones and microphone prevent strangers from hearing incoming and outgoing broadcasts. Earphones are the obvious choice for government and law enforcement agencies and specialists in the MF, the third sees our audit staff for similar models specified for this purpose.

Types of earpiece: earpiece categorized in different criteria. lets discuss different Types of Radio Earpiece

On the basis of wire Types of Radio Earpiece are classified in 3 categories:


1-Wire Earpiece:

This is a simple and easy to use earphone.

From the connector on the bidirectional radio, a single cord leads to a PTT microphone using an in-line segment.

The cord extends to the earpiece.

To send a broadcast, simply press the PTT button and speak.

Earphones are usually worn over clothing with one wire.

This type of earphone is ideal for users who need a simple and user-friendly configuration.



2-Wire Earpiece:

Two wires give you more flexibility than one wire.

There is one wire that connects to a microphone that clicks on the shirt sleeve.

The other cord is attached to the earpiece and usually works under your clothes and outside the collar.

To speak, raise your hand to your mouth and press the PTT button.

This earpiece is commonly referred to as the safe earphone or the FBI because it provides the wearer a lot of appreciation and flexibility.


Covert Acoustic Yeasu/Vertex 1 Pin Earpiece

3 wire earpiece:

The three-wire earphone gives you the utmost confidentiality and security.

There are many types of three-wire earphones on the market, including PTT and Bluetooth.

However, its functions remain the same.

This earpiece contains 3 wires, the first of which leads to a barrel-shaped PTT microphone, usually under your clothes.

Then it is cut into the cuff of a long-sleeved shirt or jacket.

The second wire is also hidden under clothing and leads to the wireless earpiece from your collar.

The third thread also extends under your clothes around the front into a hidden microphone that is cut under the long-sleeved shirt under the collar.

To broadcast, press the “push to talk” button with your thumb and talk.

Of the three types of headphones, this is the most secret option favored by undercover operations.



Other Types of Radio Earpiece


Covert PTT Radio Earpiece

Motorola 1 pin Radio Earpiece

Motorola 1 pin Covert Bodyguard style Earpiece


Heavy-duty (HD) Earpiece

This heavy-duty covert earpiece works as a noise-canceling and suitable for noisy environments. Types of Radio Earpiece


Motorola 2 Pin Heavy duty (HD)

Motorola 2 Pin Heavy-duty (HD) Earpiece


HQ PTT Earpiece


HQ Covert Earpiece


3 Wire Barrel PTT Earpiece:


3 wire barrel PTT Earpiece



Professional (PRO-HD) Covert Earpiece:



PRO-HD motorola DP3400 DP4800 earpiece

Professional (PRO-HD) Motorola DP3400 Earpiece



Overt Earpiece Ear Hanger D and the G shape: Types of Radio Earpiece 


Motorola D shape DP3400 Earpiece Ear Hanger
D shape DP3400 Earpiece Ear Hanger
G shape cobra earpiece
  This is a G shape Motorola radio earpiece for 1 pin Radio.



Listen/ Receive Only Earpiece


Receive / Listen only Earpiece


Sepura-airwave-listen-only Listen only D shape c type swivel Earpiece Ear Hanger