Broadcast, TV & Presenter Earpiece

TV Presenter Earpiece

TV presenter Earpiece provided to TV exhibitors is used for all visibility and answering calls and signals. The clear acoustic tube is powered by an invisible acrylic earphone and features a coiled section for a more comfortable head movement. Complete with headphone adapter and headphone adapter that is compatible with all voice / in-ear systems.

Importance Broadcast, TV  Presenter EarpieceTV presenter Earpiece

The open secret earpiece with a spiral sound tube is widely used by people working in the broadcasting industry and is ideal for communicating directly with your ear, during live feeding situations. These products are also ideal for presenters and audio engineers and for use with any wireless security system, forces, etc.

Lights, camera, action

Film crews and TV hosts worked in all environments noise was a problem, and historical communication with production staff was concerned with the crew’s hearing. TV providers can have a comfortable low-volume earphone. It is now possible to combine hearing protection and communication. Our customized products are loved by freelancers to give them the best of both worlds.

Why do news anchors wear earpieces?

It’s an earpiece that they can use to hear the broadcaster talk when preparing the parking report, receive signals from producers about how much time is left for them and when they go to commercials, and they also get all the information about what will happen next … ie we have tape on tape or tape is now ready we go to the interview etc …

Live news is very much changing and requires the reporter to be very smart, and these headphones are known as IFB, helping talent on the air manipulate all moving pieces intelligently. The following is a technical description of IFB:

IFB is a special intercom circuit consisting of an incomplete min program mix that is transferred to an earphone carried by talent through a wire, telephone or radio receiver (sound that is “returned” to talent) that can be interrupted and replaced by a microphone that is produced or a television intercom


Receive/ Listen only covert earpiece


Earpiece with Ear-Moulds

3.5mm 2.5mm Jack listen or Receive the only earpiece