Binatone Radio Earpiece. 

This Binatone Radio earpiece provides you with all the freedom and convenience you need to enjoy great-quality sound in your everyday job. This earpiece made from high-quality materials that make it durable at the same time it is lightweight.

Easy connection and control

The Microphone is designed with a metal clip that can be clipped onto your collar, tie or lapel and can be quickly activated with the push to talk (PTT) button. This is the perfect radio earpiece for the doorman, bodyguards, and anyone working in security services. The Push to Talk (PTT) / microphone button allows you to seamlessly switch volume ups and down in a noisy environment, and it can be securely attached flatly to your vest so it won’t be visible and can be pressed without hold it.

Buy Binatone Radio Earpiece. For Binatone Latitude, Binatone Terrain, Binatone Action, Trek, Exibel, Clarke, Targa and Silvercrest Twintalker walkie-talkies. Covert bodyguard, with D shape earpiece. Also, check for heavy-duty earpiece with left-right ear moulds.