Different Part of Motorola Radio connector

Part of Motorola Radio connector

Motorola connector also known as Motorola antenna plug, male DIN 41585 connector, or simply DIN connector, is a common conductor coaxial cable RF used in automotive industry to connect the coaxial power line from the antenna to the radio receiver. Sometimes it is also used to connect the scanner antennas to the scanners. The male plug is somewhat similar to the RCA connector in size and shape, but instead of enclosing a pin, the bushing “bends” back over the coaxial cable.
The pin is welded to the central conductor of the coaxial cable coming from the antenna, and the grounded side forms a long sleeve of 1.5 inches (38 mm) around the coaxial cable. The bushing generally has one or more longitudinal spring surfaces, which provide reliable electrical contact when cleaning against a mating socket.

Part of Motorola Radio connector


Earpieces with this plug end with the part number -M

This wiring plan is for Motorola radios only. It does not necessarily apply to all the other makes of radios which have copied the Motorola plug or even copy the Motorola wiring scheme.

2.5mm Pin (11mm long)

(NB this is not a standard 2.5mm plug. Its shape differs)

Ground for Mic only (not for speaker)

Mic in Series with PTT switch. In some later models the PTT can be left closed and the radio will work in VOX mode.

3.5mm Pin (14mm long)

Speaker +
Speaker Output +ve

Speaker –
Speaker Output -Ve

In many later models the radio uses a Bridge Tied Load amplifier so it is important neither Speaker wire is connected directly to the radio Ground or Mic ground otherwise the audio amplifier may be destroyed.


Radio Models
CP040 , CP88 , CP100 , CP150 , CP200 , CT150 , CT250 , CT450 , CT450LS , GP68 , GP88 , GP88S , GP300 , GP308 , GP350 , GP2000 , GTI , GTX , P10 , P040 , P080 , P110 , P1225 , P200 , SP10 , SP21 , SP50 , LTS2000 , XTN446 , XTN500 , XTN600 , CIS446 , HANDIECOM , HANDIEPRO , DTR2400.

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