G and D-Shape Receive / Listen only Motorola TETRA MTH800 Radio

Motorola TETRA MTH800 Radio

Listen only Motorola TETRA MTH800 Radio

  • This D-shape earpiece is designed to work with any Motorola Tetra MTH800, etc.
  • Security listen-only D shape earpiece. You can wear a G-shape listen earpiece as well
  • The advantage of listen-only earpieces is that it prevents your environment from listening in to your private conversation.
  • Great for anyone that finds the earbuds on covert acoustic tube earpieces irritating to wear.
  • But where it’s used with a stereo device you will only hear one channel in mono. Wire length – 110cm plus earpiece.

This D Shape MTH800 listen-only Motorola Tetra Radio earpiece made from high-quality materials that make it durable at the same time it is lightweight.

A semi-covert listen-only earpiece with curly cable for MTH800 and MTH650 radios

The clear acoustic tube is routed around the back and over the top of the ear for concealment. The transducer attaches to your clothing with a rotating clothing clip. The cable continues under your clothing to the radio. Just below the transducer in this same cable is a simple 2 pin connector that allows you to swap to a different style earpiece for different applications.

The normal internal radio Mic and PTT use for transmitting purposes.

Supplied with two earbuds. Extra buds and tubes available when required.

Speaker Specifications

Dimension: 23mm
Impedance: 32Ω ± 15%
Output Sound Pressure Level:
92 ± 3dB
Cable Specifications
Cable diameter: 2.0mm
Material: Thermoplastic
kevlar lined
Cable Length: 45cm
Colour: Black


This earpiece designed to work with any Motorola Airwave Tetra Radios


This earpiece is compatible with all Motorola Airwave Tetra Radios

Including: MTH600, MTH650, MTH800, MTH850, MTP850, MTS850, etc.