Year 2014 we have started our R&D process of our future products. 


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We have completed our product photography and editing task.


After 4 years of market analysis, testing and trials Earpiece Hub finally launched its web based selling.


Earpiece Hub is a trading name of Earpiece Hub Limited, a company registered in England & Wales. It mainly engages in provision of Radio communication solutions as well as R&D, sales for advanced accessories. The products include audio accessories, chargers for most world-class brand communication equipment.


What we offer

We offer fast, professional and exceptional services.

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One-stop solution to Radio Communication

We offer professional and exceptional quality Radio accessories. Our company is a fully equipped with Radio accessories that will deal with any type of security tasks. We offer a full range of the solutions, from Radio Earpiece Headsets, Walkie Talkie Batteries, Remote speaker mic to advanced Headset.

Decades of experience

Though Earpiece Hub registered in 2018.                             But It has been working on its R&D since 2014. We exceptionally designed our each item and then tested in our lab for flawless performance. 

Variety  in one place

We not only focused on the product quality at the same time we have launched 4 different types of earpiece for our valued customers.

  • Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece
  • Overt or D shape PTT Earpiece
  • Ear Hanger or G shape PTT Earpiece
  • C Shape Swivel style In-line PTT Earpiece


We have launched new colour in our traditional black colour earpiece.

Our Radio Charging Items

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